The insurance and surety industry in North America is ripe for disruption. It continues to lag behind other industries in its adoption of online sales. The gap between customers' expectations and what is being delivered is around 35% and growing.

Kerby-Reid believes this disruption should come from within, before an outside actor up-ends the entire industry, throwing your income sources and business models into chaos. You can take control of your destiny before someone else does—you can be in charge of your own disruption.

Kerby-Reid developed the FLEX™ platform to overcome these challenges and put the power back into your hands.

Speaking the Language of Insurance

Our team members are insurance people first—we speak the language of insurance and understand how the insurance business works, saving you time and money during your engagement with us. Our team has unparalleled experience converting existing insurance products into web-based workflows and developing new products specifically for sale on the Internet. You can trust us to guide you through the process of digitizing your products so they can be sold online.

History and Accomplishments

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, we helped Chubb develop a platform for selling insurance online called Innovator. The system was ground-breaking—Innovator was the first platform in Canada to sell commercial P&C insurance online. In 2009, we redeveloped the platform from scratch for Trisura Guarantee Insurance Company, and created FLEX.

Since then, FLEX has issued over 200,000 policies and bonds for a total premium of $150 million with more than 200 products for carriers, brokerages / agencies and managing general agencies (MGAs) in Canada and the USA. Our clients include CNA Canada, The Daniel & Henry Co., The Magnes Group, Markel International, PLATFORM Insurance Management, RAISE Underwriting, TruStar Underwriting, Virtus LLC / Habitat Specialty and  Zurich Insurance Company.

Since its launch, FLEX has been a trail-blazer—it was the first online platform with straight-through work flows to sell:

  • E&O insurance,
  • D&O insurance,
  • commercial surety bonds,
  • contract surety bonds, and
  • fidelity insurance.

FLEX currently issues 70% of all carnet bonds and 35% of all lost document bonds sold in Canada.

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